In 1991, a number of women leaders in the nuclear energy industry in Europe discussed the importance of nuclear energy communication at an international conference in Japan and decided to initiate a worldwide organization for women in nuclear energy.

After years of hard work, the Women In Nuclear International (Women In Nuclear International) was established in Zurich in November 1992-later renamed WIN Global, aiming to unite the global nuclear energy, radiation protection, nuclear medicine and other related professional fields The women actively communicate with the public and communicate with each other, thereby promoting the public’s understanding and support for the application of atomic energy to the people’s livelihood.

The first WIN Annual Conference was held in Paris, France in 1993.

my country’s Atomic Energy Commission immediately expressed my country’s intention to join and actively planned to set up a women’s committee under the ROC Nuclear Energy Society, namely WiN Taiwan, as a branch of the Global Women’s Association for Nuclear Energy. Please support the board of directors and supervisors of the Society. Member recruitment was launched immediately, and women in the nuclear energy industry who are engaged in nuclear energy related work or concerned about nuclear energy safety and people's livelihood are invited to join the membership. It was formally established on February 7, 1994.

The first (1994-1996) president was Ms. Qiu Suanxiu, and the vice president was Dr. Chen Shuqiong.

In 1994, Ms. Qiu Suanxiu and Dr. Chen Shuqiong were sent to attend the WiN Global annual meeting. Over the past two decades, my country has been consistently participating in WiN Global and has never been absent.

The original name of the association was WIN Taipei, R.O.C., and it was renamed WIN Taiwan in 2003. In 2008, it cooperated with WiN Global to be changed to WiN Taiwan.


WiN Global annual conference